Sometimes it is the simplest things that are keeping people off the road. The life of this single mom was brought to a standstill by nothing more than a spark plug wire (shown above) causing her car to barely run. Now she should have no trouble getting to work and getting her little ones where they need to go

The woman shown above is a single mom who was actually walking 3 miles to work through her pregnancy in the summer heat! She waited so patiently on our waiting list! We even passed over her because we were unable to get in touch with her (apparently computers think my email is spam!). Once her son was born, she struggled to get him to all the appointments that he needed as well as to continue to work. We are so grateful that we had the opportunity to meet her, hear her story, pray with her, and give her a car that should provide her and her son with years of transportation!

Update: as of 10/2/2020 she has been sober for 120 days!! Talk about real life change!

The vehicle in the pictures above belongs to a woman who is going through a very challenging time in her life right now. She is drawing in close to God and deepening her faith as she fights for her sobriety and her family. Please be praying for her! Her vehicle needed a new rear differential, and one of our other clients happened to have a similar vehicle going to the junkyard. She generously offered to give the rear axle out of her vehicle to help this woman with hers. It is so encouraging to see our clients helping each other!

This single dad has new wheels!

The man pictured above is a single dad with 2 children that live with him. In 2015, he lost his wife, leaving him to care for their 2 children on his own. Recently their landlord sold their home and gave them 30 days to move out. They were forced to move in with his mother. He splits his time between living with his children and living closer to work to cut his 90 minute commute down to an hour. Between his children and gas for his commute, he had little left over for a vehicle of his own. He really needed something to get good gas mileage to and from work. This 2006 Honda Civic has been meticulously cared for its entire life and should serve him well for the coming years.

The Jeep has a new home!

This woman lost her business, home, and vehicle. Truthfully the only thing she didn’t lose was her faith She had been staying at the local homeless shelter and a friends floor while she tried to get back on her feet. She had lined up 2 different jobs but needed a vehicle in order to get to work. Although this Jeep doesn’t get best gas mileage, it has lots of room for her stuff and will even give her the option of sleeping it in if necessary while she saves to get an apartment. This Jeep was the first vehicle we gave away, back in July of 2018. It was returned to us when the owner could no longer drive. We are so excited that it was able to be used again!

Timing belts are not supposed to have cracks!

The timing belt in the picture above was overdue for replacement. Broken timing belts cause the destruction of many engines every year! This car belongs to a man who recently graduated from MN Adult and Teen Challenge. He is currently enrolled in their leadership program. He needs his vehicle so that he can get to and from his classes and the basketball program that he runs. Since his vehicle had been sitting for a year while he was in treatment, many maintenance jobs were overdue. We were able to get his vehicle caught up on maintenance so that it will continue to serve him reliably for years to come!

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